virgin [vʉr′jən]
[ME < OFr virgine < L virgo (gen. virginis), maiden: ? akin to virga, slender branch, twig, shoot]
a) a woman, esp. a young woman, who has never had sexual intercourse
b) an unmarried girl or woman
2. a man, esp. a youth, who has never had sexual intercourse
3. Informal a person who is entirely new to or inexperienced in a specified thing [a stock market virgin]
4. Zool.
a) a female animal that has not copulated
b) a female insect that lays eggs without impregnation by the male
1. being a virgin
2. composed of virgins
3. characteristic of or proper to a virgin; chaste; modest
4. like or suggesting a virgin because untouched, unmarked, pure, clean, etc. [virgin snow]
5. up to this time unused, unexplored, unworked, undiscovered, etc. [a virgin forest]
6. occurring uncombined in its native form [virgin silver]
7. being the first; initial [a virgin effort]
a) obtained from the first pressing, without the use of heat: said of an oil, esp. olive oil
b) obtained directly from an ore or raw material: said esp. of a metal
9. made without alcohol: said of a drink otherwise prepared like a cocktail [a virgin piña colada]
the Virgin
1. Mary, the mother of Jesus
2. Virgo, the constellation and sixth sign of the zodiac

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